Welcome to 
Frykmo Modellbyggeri 

We are a small size, spare time firm,  producing etched detail and models with Swedish theme
Mainly for model railroading customers

                              This is our store front, showing some of our products
Orders and inquiries should be sent by e-mail


We offer three different product lines with main focus on the N scale 

Etched N scale scenery detail kits

Go to N scale scenery dep. -->
Fences, guardrails etc
TV arials
Park benches
Cash dispenser 
Man hole covers
Drain lids




Etched N scale wagon an veheicle kits

Go to N scale veheicle dep. -->

Bikers with motorcycles

Light trailer
SJ 4 luggage van
Track cleaner/Snow removal van
SJ Hg electric engine
Tc Diesel engine
Snowmover engine



Etched H0 scale kits

Go to H0 scale dep. -->

Light trailer
Carrier moped
Track cleaner/Snow removal van

All kits and models are sold under the trademark  Frykmodell


N scale 
exhibition layout

 Engelsfors - Drambo

  - Photo galleries from the layout
  - Hints for building models 
    and landscapes
  - Pictues of scratch built
     models and their prototypes.
    Locos, buildings etc....






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