Assembly guide



The biker is built up from a flat skelton of 0,25 mm nickel silver.

The model's figure is about 12 mm high when it is flattened

A number of score lines are made at suitable body joints and hopefully will get the figure the right angles to ride a bike.

Fold the figure so that it fits on the motorcycle
(or wherever it will be seated)

When folded, cover the skeleton with a number of
thin layers with white glue (wood glue)
in order to build a suitable body hut.

The glue must dry between coats so as not to deform.

It could be a bit to hard to see the built up forms as the glue dries clear.

A few steps later it starts to look lika a biker and the
paint makes it all better.

A tattoo was made by dry brush application 
with green umber artists acrylic

The bikers vest is painted, just with indicated forms
It´s too tiny to paint visible texts on.

Now, we are just missing the motorcycle......



The motorcycles
The bikes are made up of six layers of 0,25 mm etch profiles to provide adequate width and should take up relief effect of engine parts, exhaust pipes, etc.

I made three different versions of the bikes to get some variety.

This one is a custom chopper type bike.

The first four layers are centered by a fitting hole in the centre of the rear wheel and a 0.3 mm wire.

There is also a fitting hole in the engine blocks lower front edge
When ready, you can leave the wire and cut it short to representate footrests.

I attach as usual details with liquid CA glue applied from a needle tip which can suck in between the layers by means of capillary action.
When the main part of the body is built
the other parts
should be put in place

- The two ultimate relief elements with th
e exhaust pipes
- A saddle

- And finally the handlebar which I actually soldered,
   for better durabilit



The soldering of the the handlebars is a fiddly job
when the details are so small and you only have two hands.
To hold the small parts I built up this with a 
tool holder and clamp tweezers.


A close up of an almost ready cruiser type

A drop of white glue is placed on each side of the tank in order to obtain the rounded shape.
The chopper and the two cruisers ready for the painting workshop
A minimal brush is used to paint the fine details.


Here are the bikes with thin light gray metal primer as a basis for
the color of the fuel tank and the wheel displays.

Engine parts are painted gray / dark gray or left bare metal
depending on the
prototypes design.
Painted examples

Cruiser type 1

Cruiser type 2 
Custom chopper
 Some more variations
It might be neccesary to make some adjustment of arm- and leg angles before departure
The figures can of course also be built as a little more peaceful drivers.
On the etch fret there are two extra, a little more straddle legged figures that can be mounted as passengers.


And here we goooooo........ 
Sedan behöver det ju inte alltid vara grymma bikers som kör HD.

Här är en lite mer civil grupp ute på onsdagsutflykt. 

The mean guys goes down on the layout.

The first "patrol" arriving to the club house

Where everything is a mess

The main group scares the village inhabitants

Waiting outside until the president returns

from a "private chat" with the restaurant owner next door.

One man on his post.